Many times, investing in maintenance of the electrical systems in your house can both increase its current value and subsequently its retail value. It also helps to make sure everything in your home is working properly!
Often times, the work we do is applicable to homeowners. However, if you reside in a complex or another form of housing, don’t fret! As long as you own the residence we can work to benefit your home.
A variety of causes can be traced to problems like these. Sometimes wiring in certain parts of the house just fall subject to traditional wear and tear, and other times based on the circuitry of the house a circuit could be problematic in one section of the house but completely fine in another. If a power breaker problem is not the source of this issue then something else is, and we’re prepared to find out what exactly that issue is.
Like many electrical companies iVolt does its best to work with your schedule to ensure you won’t have to find another place to stay during your home’s work. If an exception must be made, we will let you know during consultation.


Commercial requests can be incredibly varied – it all depends on what is needed. From store display lighting to setting up the entire electrical systems in new stores, our services can most likely cover the work you are looking for.
iVolt understands that commercial consumers require their jobs to be facilitated as quickly as possible. While not all work takes the same amount of time, rest assured our services are delivered in such a way to make the process and delivery as quick and painless as possible.


Custom work is usually applicable to the types of jobs that don’t fit neatly into theother three categories. These jobs are less frequent but no less important! We have performed tasks like inserting lighting into a vanity mirror or alongside a staircase, for example, so if you are wondering if your job will fit the bill for our services, simply contact us and let us know what is needed!
Chances are, if it has something to do with electrical setup we can help you! We cannot make a promise that we can help you before seeing the product but if you get in contact with us we will do our best to meet with your requirements!